Design and Templates

On this page you will find blank design templates to use as well as some of previous design work.

If you have a basic idea of your design, you can send your idea to us by printing out one of our templates and doing a rough sketch. You can also explain it to us in writing or on the phone if you prefer. After the initial deposit is paid, we will present you with a draft design based on the information you have provided. You can continue to work with us to perfect the design from this point.

If you have your own graphic designer, you can download one of our templates below to create your design in Adobe Illustrator or similar graphic design program. If you are not using our design service, there is a discount available on the cost. We can also copy or adapt previous designs.

Our graphic designer is based in Central Europe and is a specialist in the design of cycling wear. A keen cyclist himself, he follows the trends in cycling wear fashion. Follow this link or our Facebook or Instagram to view some examples of his work.

Any graphic design work undertaken by us, normally is completed within the 4 hours of our included graphic design time for a set (2 hours for jersey only). If there are any unusual requirements (i.e. a lot of complex logos to be created from scratch or a multiple new design requested), we may need to include a surcharge for the additional design work. This is quite rare as we would normally try and absorb this cost ourselves if possible. If however a surcharge is required, we will warn you of this early on in the process, and ensure you agree to it before proceeding.

When providing inputs for the design such as logos, please provide in vector format (i.e EPS, AI, PDF, etc) or as large as possible resolution images as possible.

If you want to save time and money on the design you can choose from one of our semi-custom designs below, just provide your logos to replace the Veloton logo shown and we will update the design with the matching colour scheme. As there is very limited graphic design work required we will pass those savings onto you as per our price list.

Common design templates are avilable below for you to start working on your design:

VelotonPRO Short Sleeve Jersey Template

VelotonPRO Bib Shorts Template

Veloton Short Sleeve Jersey Template

Veloton Bib Shorts Template

Veloton_Long Sleeve Jersey Template

Veloton Shorts Template

Veloton Bandanna Template

Veloton Arm Warmers Template

Veloton Cycling Cap Template

OR click HERE to download all the templates in PDF format.